122/365 St. Peter’s Church With Rainbow

122 St. Peter's Church With Rainbow

Sony NEX 6, Sony 16-50mm lens
ISO 100, f/9, 1/160 sec, Raw

St. Peter’s Church With Rainbow

This very unexpected shot with two rainbows came just at the right moment. I was in town whole day taking photos, playing with my camera, doing time lapse videos and just hanging around and enjoying the Sun shining. After three time lapse videos I decided to take a walk around Sittard wall. I came to Fort Sanderbout to the exact same spot as I took 99 picture. The sky was very interesting! I didn’t had time lapse from there yet, so I decided to make one. I set my camera for 5 seconds and let it go. It didn’t take long before huge dark clouds were pouring in. I kept shooting until I saw first signs of rain. I packed everything and quickly headed home. I saw a gap in a distance with clouds breaking out which usually does one very thing. When the Sun comes shining through this gaps and it’s still raining you get the most amazing rainbow ever. I saw the opportunity and I knew I needed to get higher of the ground. I quickly got to a third floor in Bergstraat flats from where I was waiting what’s gonna happen. It was worth every drop that made me soaked. I put my jacket over the camera and lens and kept shooting until the rainbow was gone..Who would ever thought that 2 rainbows will appear…To me a hell of rainbow and a great experience capturing it.

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