123/365 Bergerweg Sittard – On The Way Home

123 Bergerweg Sittard - On The Way Home

Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/22, 13 sec, Raw

Bergerweg Sittard – On The Way Home

As I was coming back from Gamma, I thought It could be a good idea to stop before the traffic lights and take few exposures from there. It was getting dark pretty quickly and I could easily imagine how this picture will look like at the final. I love this kind of images with light trails stretching across the image. Blending few exposures you can get some amazing colors to pop up and really nail it to your likening. All these lights gives the image an artistic feel and it makes the image/city alive at night. It’s pretty easy to do, you just need a tripod and timer so that it’s rock solid when the camera takes the picture.

I set the camera for f/22 because there was still a lot of light. I had to close the aperture as much as I could to be able to take my shutter speed to 10 sec, 13 sec, or 15 sec exposure. I took few shots to make sure I’ve got in each one enough light trails to work with when blending those images in post. I took 12 images but selected only 3 images which I blend in Photoshop by using mask tool.

It came out really nice. I hope you like this image too, please if you do give it a thumbs up.


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