127/365 View From Kollenberg

127/365 View From Kollenberg


Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/9, 1/13 sec, Raw

View From Kollenberg

What a day today!!! After a nice meeting with some very interesting people, I went to Kollenberg to take a picture of this beautiful sunset. As I’m walking up the hill, I’m listening to my favorite music from Mac Miller and I’m chilling out big time. Thinking of ways to capture this wonderful moment.

Today I’ve learned how to use HDR pro in Photoshop and so I thought this could be an opportunity to try it out. The Sun was still too bright for only one exposure. The foreground was almost black when I normally exposed the image. So there was no other way than to take multiple exposures. Sometimes you can get away with only one image if you are shooting RAW and then drop down the highlights and increase shadows to bring light to the foreground. Another way you can use in Photoshop is to blend images to get the result you want. I was using both of these methods. I think using HDR pro in Photoshop is way better than just blending images, which is time consuming and you will never get as much of details as if you use HDR pro. It takes all of the exposures and creates this huge super 32 bit RAW file, which can be send to Lightroom for the classical editing. I love it…The amount of details in 32 bit Raw file are incredible. Of course you can’t really see it on this image because it has been resized, but at 100% it’s mind blowing.

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