129/365 Sittard-Geleen Hospital – Panorama

129/365 Sittard-Geleen Hospital – Panorama


Sony NEX 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/18, 8 sec, Raw

Sittard-Geleen Hospital – Panorama

I took this panorama yesterday when I was going to Geleen. Usually when I’m stitching hand held pictures into a panorama, I found it more difficult than from a tripod. This time Photoshop have done a great job! As I’m editing these images I’m thinking to go to city center. I was curious about the carnival and I wanted to see what’s going on there. It was drizzling a bit, so I was hesitating. If I had a Pentax K3, K5, or any high end Canon camera I wouldn’t care about the weather because these cameras are weather sealed.

At the end I decided to go. When I came to city center I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t much going on. I expected a lot of people, music on the stage, people dancing, but instead it was more chilled out. I suppose people are saving their energy for tomorrow.

I took a lot of pictures from different angles at different settings, and I think I’ve tried almost every technique that I know to take a good shot…Some pictures came out very nice but nothing that will trigger my emotions to the point of sharing the picture with you. A lot of them will simply look better without people and mess on the ground.

So It was an easy choice to select a picture for tonight. I like the simplicity of this panorama and the perspective. The garage under the ground and the stone wall works well in this image.

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