152/365 Sittard At Night

152/365 Sittard At Night


Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/10, 102 sec, Raw

Sittard At Night

Another very productive day today. I must have edited like 30 photos. After I finished, I decided to for a walk to relax my eyes and and just go around couple of streets to take some fresh air. It was getting darker every minute and the air was chilly. For no particular reason I went to Eisenhowerstraat and around the block of flats. On the way back home, I saw an old man locking his bike outside of the main entrance and going in…I saw an opportunity, so I rushed to catch the door. It was definitely good timing.

I remembered from the first time I was there that I wanted to have a night shot of the road and all the lights shining. I actually promised myself to come back one day to do it. Today without any planing I end up on the 12 floor watching Sittard like this. Such a profound feeling being up there, enjoying this beautiful view. It was AMAZING!!!

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