162/365 Sunset Panorama from De Landgraaf

162/365 Sunset Panorama from De Landgraaf


Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/7.1, 1/125 sec, Raw

Sunset Panorama from De Landgraaf

Few days ago I was checking some new places while I was cycling around the border within Sittard-Geleen. I was looking for anything that would grab my attention. I wasn’t really planning to go into taking pictures, just cycling around and relaxing along the way. As I came from a turn onto De Landgraaf the surrounding trees and bushes cleared up and I was exposed to this beautiful scene. I immediately thought that this could be a great panorama.

I stopped, put my bicycle aside and I jumped right into it. I changed my lens to a wider angle and set up my tripod as my center point. To cover as much of the sky and the field I shot this panorama vertically, so you can image how many pictures I took before I reached the other side. In total 21 pictures…I wanted to make this panorama the largest from my collection. It’s nice 13368 x 4972px wide with 300dpi…Perfect for huge print…

With my camera set to f/7.1, I could have faster shutter. 1/125 is more than enough for any handheld situation. If fact the minimum is 1/50 so I was sure that all of my images will be sharp. I usually do 70% sky and 30% foreground in a situations like this, where most of the action is happening on the sky.

Without the panorama head which does a perfect job rotating your camera around the center point, I had to relay on my tripod. There is a reason why not to shoot panorama using 3 axes head or ball head. If you are using ball head for instance, you will be rotating your camera body around the center, not your lens. This creates a lot of distortion later in post as Photoshop or other software out there are looking for the center point to create the panorama around it.

I did this panorama with about 25% overlay following the horizon on the back of my LCD display.

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