165/365 Spring In Sittard – Cherry Tree

165/365 Spring In Sittard – Cherry Tree


Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/4.5, 1/100 sec, Raw

Spring In Sittard – Cherry Tree

Today I thought of going to one of the block of flats at Eisenhouwer for a sunset. Unfortunately it’s still too early in the year. I think next month the Sun will be on a right spot and I should be able to get some beautiful shots.

So instead I kept walking until I came to Trevianum, where I found this beautiful green bush with the cherry brunches hanging over the top. The light was perfect as the Sun was setting down and the sky cleared up completely. I knew that this will make a beautiful photo, because of the contrast between the colors was fantastic. It’s vivid, very bright, and I get this warm spring feeling when I look at this image. I love it.

I think the change of seasons is also going to reflect on my pictures. I have noticed already that those beautiful long and very colorful sunsets are long gone and it’s time to take the advantage of a new season…The spring is evolving as the leaves grow and the trees getting back to life. It’s changing all the time and that’s what keeps me going! Every season has something else to offer and I looking forward to capture it…

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