190/365 Stadspark Tree

190/365 Stadspark Tree


Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/16, 1/100 sec, Raw

Stadspark Tree

I was always fascinated by this old tree that is standing there by it’s own. It looks very unique and one of a kind…The Sun was about to set behind the horizon but still strong enough to light up the scene and create those amazing long shadows that look so great. I hurried up to set my camera so I don’t miss the Sun. The light was perfect and so I started to experiment with exposures.

Thanks to my remote control for Sony NEX system, it made the whole capturing experience easier and saved me a lot of time. Before I used to wait 10 sec before taking another shot. Now with the remote control, it’s instant. I quickly change the exposure and hit the shutter…

I love this this tree, it’s my favorite in Stadspark and I always wanted to capture it in a beautiful light. Perhaps at the sunset…I hope you like this shot too. Please if you do, let me know and give it a thumbs up…

If you like this image and would like to have a print version, or would like to use it for commercial purposes, pleaseĀ contact me.

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