70/365 Footbridge In The Park At Sunset

70 Footbridge In The Park At Sunset

Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 400, f/10, 1/60 sec, Raw

Footbridge In The Park At Sunset (Last Photo Of 2013)

Last day of the 2013! I’m finishing with this beautiful picture of a footbridge in the park captured at sunset. I thought this could be a nice ending of 2013 and a reminder that this city has not only a beautiful architecture but also amazing parks, lakes, streams, spots, walks that offers pure beauty where you can relax and refresh your mind.

As today is the last day of the year I’m drinking already and getting ready for tonight. I hope I can capture the fireworks! Batteries are charged and lenses cleaned. The challenge is to not go to sleep before I capture great photo, edit it and post it online with all of the wishes I have in mind and really thank you for being great! Unless something goes wrong, my camera blow up or I end up trashed under a heavy load of Czech Becherovka liker I should be right here at around 3 in the morning, sleep deprived but happy to give my best and forget the rest! Until then I wish you Happy New Year 2014!!!

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69/365 Visvijver Sittard Panorama

69 Visvijver Sittard Panorama

Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/11, 1/60 sec, Raw

Visvijver Sittard Panorama

Today I’ve got for you this huge panorama of the Visvijver in Sittard. This panorama has been created with 7 images in Photoshop CS6. The original size is 10722 x 4458 pixels which can make some good size print.

Here below you can zoom in and out and go from left to right to see the details of this picture. I hope you like it, please if you do give it a thumbs up.

68/365 View Over Doctor Nolenslaan Sittard

68 View Over Doctor Nolenslaan Sittard

Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/8, 1/60 sec, Raw

View Over Doctor Nolenslaan Sittard

Today I decided to go without a tripod and focus on handheld shots. I was crossing Doctor Nolenslaan and was heading to Visvijver to shoot this lake at sunset. As I stepped on the road the Sun came through the clouds. I pulled my camera out of pocket and took this lovely shot.

I almost always go with my tripod because I like to shoot at dusk and try multiple exposures. Also I like to keep ISO at 100 for the noise issue. Today I played with high ISO settings and some shots came nice even at ISO 1600 which was good (usable) but not as great. I can’t wait to get a better low light lens like the 35 mm / F1,2 Nokton from Voigtlander. I saw a lot of reviews about this lens and it looks promising. Hopefully I get it one day.  

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67/365 Keutelbeek Sittard

67 Keutelbeek Sittard

Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/29, 6 sec, Raw

keutelbeek sittard

For me one of the finest place to take photographs is around Keutelbeek Sittard. Especially great at the beginning of the stream and around sunrise and sunset time. With Sunrise you have the Sun rising from above the buildings opposite side of the lake penetrating through the trees, reflecting the colors of the water. I found a great spot at the north west side of the Keutelbeek junction deeper in Stadspark as you can see here 50/365 City Stream Covered In Ice

At a good sunset the whole place becomes an array of bright colors merged together, ranging from dark orange to red. It’s beautiful to sit back and just watch the beautiful light fading. One of my favorite day 52/365 Ophoven Molen At Sunset

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66/365 Sunrise In Stadspark Sittard

66 Sunrise in Stadspark Sittard

Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/11, 1/60 sec, Raw

Sunrise In Stadspark Sittard

This sunrise was amazing! It lasted about 10 minutes before a huge fog overcast the the whole scenery and it became so foggy that I couldn’t see a few meters ahead. Before I left to Stadspark the sky was clear with no clouds. It was good to have a few minutes to make something out the morning before the weather changed rapidly. I took couple of exposures at different settings and couple of videos which I will edit later. On the way back home I couldn’t’d believe it that it became so foggy and it stayed like this whole day. It tells me that whenever there is an opportunity, use it!!!

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65/365 Sittard – St. Peter’s Church From The Roof

65 Sittard - St. Peter's Church From The Roof

Sony NEX 6, 55-210mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/8, 1/1000 sec, Raw

Sittard – St. Peter’s Church From The Roof

A couple of days ago I was down on the Walramstraat and as I’m walking I saw an emergency fire stairs at the back of one of the building. I knew If I could get to the top I will have a beautiful view of the St. Peter’s church and the rest of the city. I went for it and climbed to the top. The view was amazing. I was expecting police to arrive as soon as got there. To my surprise nothing like that happened and I was there the with my tripod taking pictures of a beautiful sunrise and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Compare to 56/365 Sittard – St. Peter’s Church At Sunrise I wanted to have a shot with the Sun above the trees so I did a short time lapse and then later pulled up one frame out of the sequence. It was great to see the sunrise from a different perspective.

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64/365 Kerststal In De St. Petruskerk

64 Kerststal In De St. Petruskerk

Sony NEX6, 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 1600, f/3.5, 1/25 sec, Raw

Kerststal In De St. Petruskerk

In a dark place inside of  St. Petruskerk, I’ve literally squeezed everything I could from the camera and the lens. As you may know shooting at higher ISO introduces a lot of noise that can be hard to clean up. Luckily I have a piece of software called Imagenomic Noiseware which works extremely well even at ISO higher than 3200. I don’t know how the software recognizes what’s noise and what belongs in a shot but It does a great. There is still some noise visible but compare to the original this is clean as…

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63/365 Sittard City Center Wentjer Druim

63 Sittard City Center Wentjer Druim

Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/20, 1/3 sec, Raw

Sittard City Center Wentjer Druim

When I took first picture from this place it was in summer long time ago. I though I took a really good photo but I never included in my portfolio at jamavisual.com I think the reason why was simply because I knew I can do better.

And it is better with all the colors and the lights shining all over, it gives the picture much better feel and makes it more interesting to look at. With couple of exposures I was able to make the wheel really spin. The first exposure that was taken when the wheel stayed still and the second while it was rotating. Combining these pictures together have created an awesome effect where you are able to see the cabins too.

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Merry Christmas



62/365 Sittard River At Sunset

62 Sittard River At Sunset

Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens.
ISO 100, f/22, 1/2 sec, Raw

Sittard River At Sunset

In a Summer there is no way to see sunset like this one from the same position! The Sun is blocked by the leaves and it’s 45 degree to the right when it goes down. From this point you are able to enjoy the Sun’s reflection of the water that creates this lovely scene. The colors seems to be more intense, creating a perfect time for me to go out and play with my camera.

Would you believe that this shot is edited using one photo only? I took 3 exposures and I thought that I will combine them in Photoshop later but instead I’ve used only one and it came out really nice. I hope you like this shot.


61/365 Sittard Modern Building

61 Sittard Modern Building

Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/13, 30 sec, Raw

Sittard Modern Building

I’m a big fan of retouching photos. I’ve learned some tricks over the years and also when I was in New Zealand.  But it wasn’t until Trey Ratcliff’s HDR photography course that showed me how important retouching really is.

I love taking photographs and playing with different exposures has become my daily adventure! Whenever I take photos I see it as a stage one, the beginning of something that can turn into exciting and creative photography piece. Retouching photographs has became as important in my life as knowing how to set up my camera in general, learn about compositions and understand the light. I think retouching is playing about 80% role in my photography and without it I would be quickly lacking the creative aspect and the exciting feeling whenever the photograph is finished.

I’m now working on a free tutorial where I want to show you how to go from average/boring photographs to a fulfilling and exciting ones.

See the example below:

Retouching tutorials coming soon

I’m thinking of creating one tutorial every second week, it depends on how much spare time I have. I will notify you in advance before I launch specially designed site for the tutorials. I hope you are as excited as I’m and you are looking forward to enhance your photography as never before…

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