40/365 Autumn Tree Looking Up

40 Autumn Tree Looking Up

Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens,
ISO 100, f/9.0, 1/10 sec, Raw

Autumn Tree Looking Up

Somewhere on the way to Germany I had purely a magical day as I was taking pictures of trees. ┬áThe light was perfect and you could feel late autumn in the air! I was glad that the Sun came out just in a right time and I did not need to have a tripod. Sometimes this thing it’s a pain in the ass, heavy, bulky and useful. Anyway, conditions for shooting were perfect and I took like 1000 pictures as I’ve got into it. These trees are very special to me as they have something that I can easily connect to and they will always put me in peace. They glide from side to side and give the most delicious sound ever. Whenever I feel it’s time to relax these trees and the surrounding nature can reboot my mind and regenerate my body. The walk, and everything that happened today has been refreshing and I feel recharged, ready to enjoy this week with confidence and new energy.

Day 40 of this project was an experience itself. Hope you had a relaxed time too and please if you like this picture, share it on Facebook and give it a thumbs up.


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