Geleen – Along The Rails

Geleen – Along The Rails

Sony NEX6 – Sigma 19mm lens

So, here is the truth:

If you want to take better photos, especially in low light situations like sunrise, sunset, or at the blue hour, you better have the following:

Tripod, good camera and fast lens…. and of course the most important from them all, knowing what you’re doing!

Because if you don’t know what you’re doing, none of the above will matter.

Not even the best camera in the world is going to take the photos for you. It will help, but I’m sure I’d do better with any basic, entry level DSLR.


Because I know how to spot great compositions, light, and I know how to set up the camera for the best result.

Luckily, there is an amazing course you can get your hands on and start learning immediately, if that’s what you desire.

It’s from Marc Muench and it’s called Landscape Photography.

I went through this training few years ago and I must say it’s really good!…

…and that’s because the information is pure, specific and doesn’t overlap.

One thing I used to hate a lot was when I bought a new course and realized that a lot of the information was overlapping with a course I bought from another photographer.

And so… Landscape Photography from Marc Muench is different and very unique.


If you want to level up with your photography, Marc will give you a lot of “aha” moments and put you on the right path… and answer your questions.

But it isn’t cheap…

It’s more than I like to pay.

But It’s worth every penny!

It’s that good!

Click the link below, It will take to the course where you can get a short glimpse before you decide to purchase.

Marc Muench – Landscape Photography

All the best…

Libor “learning everyday” Bednarik

Listen To The Sound Of Sittard Gardens

Few days ago, on Sunday morning, I got up early and went to the Gardens in Sittard with my Zoom H6 to record the sound of the local birds.

It’s one of those things in our busy world we seem to ignore and I wanted to have recordings in case these gardens will get destroyed by the City Hall.

If you want to hear it, here is short version: 

I recommend you listen with headphones for better experience.

Until the next time…

Libor Bednarik

In Stadspark Early In The Morning

Took this photo on my morning relaxation walk in Stadspark in Sittard.

When I walk around the park I like to plan my day. It helps me to get more things done.

Since I started planning, I’ve seen my productivity skyrocket.


Do you plan your days?

If not, then start right now! I guarantee you, you won’t regret it.

Here is why…

With a good plan you’ll have more control in your day. You’ll move through the day much easier than without any plan.

That’s a fact… and it is less stressful as well.

I found the best time to plan early in the morning but yours might be different.

One thing I like to do is sit down on the bench and write at least five things I’m gonna do for the day.

There is a positive feeling associated with knowing what you’ve done at end of the day.

How else do you want to track your progress?

Anyway, plan your day.

Planning will make you a better person – more aware of your life.

It works like magic.

If you want to learn how to plan your day and get a lot more done in a shorter period of time and with ease, I recommend you to click the link below and sign up for Brian Tracy’s new book called: The Power of Habit: 7 Steps to Successful Habits.

Do that…

You’ll thank me later.

It’s FREE by the way!

If you’ve never heard about Brian Tracy and you’re curious to find out who he is, then check this short description I copied from wikipedia:

“Brian Tracy is a Canadian-born American motivational public speaker and self-development author. He is the author of over seventy books that have been translated into dozens of languages.”

Get more info here

This guy is a true wizard! He knows his stuff.

Sign up and read that book…

You’re going to love it…

Sittard-Geleen – New Bicycle Pedestrian Bridge

Couple of months ago, a new pedestrian bridge was built in (Sittard-Geleen) connecting Sanderbout with the south west of Sittard.

As you can read it here ““, the bridge simplyfies the contact with the city’s Fortuna stadium and Sports area Limburg…

It’s a blast cycling on the new path since there wasn’t any before and the only access to the Stadium was by going around.

But anyway…

Right after it was completed I took few photos of the bridge when the light was the best.

Hope you like the photo…


Libor Bednarik

P.S. If you’re looking for a nice photo to decorate your home, office or your favorite place, then I’ve got over 400 photos to choose from. Some of them might be from your favorite location here in Sittard.

And if you can’t find any you like, then stick around anyway as I’m uploading new photos on this blog almost every day.

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