308/365 DaCapo College Rijksweg Zuid

308/365 DaCapo College Rijksweg Zuid

Sony NEX 6, Sony 16-50mm
ISO 100, f/14, 2.5 sec, Raw

DaCapo College Rijksweg Zuid

I was heading home after a successful shootout I did close to Hospital. On the Rijksweg Zuid there were 2 huge spot lights pointed on DaCapo college entrance. I thought there might be something going on so I rushed in, but it was only lights pointing on the building. It was quite nice, so I stopped for few seconds to take some images. I walked around, also to the other side of the street and could not decide what angle to choose. Almost gave up on the idea when on a last try I put the tripod right in the front of the building and took a shot. I liked it straightaway. After few adjustments I was cycling home with amazing feeling…The picture was great…I hope you like it, please let me know if you do.

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