52/365 Ophoven Molen At Sunset

52 Ophoven Molen At Sunset

Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/25, 1/8 sec, Raw

Ophoven Molen At Sunset

Today I headed down to Ophoven to photograph another cities icon. I bet that this place has been photographed many times. Since I’m in Sittard I’ve seen couple of photographers trying to photograph this mill and the surroundings. One of the photographers said to me that this is incredibly challenging place to photograph. The mill is surrounded by many trees, blocking the view and creating mess in a frame. I didn’t know what he’s up to until today when I had to figure it out how to clear my way through. I reckon in the summer it must be even more challenging.

I wanted to have a shot when the Sun is shining through,  reflecting the light of the water. On the bank of the stream you have brunches everywhere. I went all the way down to the stream and placed my tripod in the water. Then, I reached for the brunches above and pulled them away to clear the view and took a couple of exposures.

I really like this shot! I like how the Sun is shining on the Mill and on the top of the building. I also like how the Sun is coming through, at least the last bits. Combined from 4 exposures, it has become my favorite shot of the day.

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