65/365 Sittard – St. Peter’s Church From The Roof

65 Sittard - St. Peter's Church From The Roof

Sony NEX 6, 55-210mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/8, 1/1000 sec, Raw

Sittard – St. Peter’s Church From The Roof

A couple of days ago I was down on the Walramstraat and as I’m walking I saw an emergency fire stairs at the back of one of the building. I knew If I could get to the top I will have a beautiful view of the St. Peter’s church and the rest of the city. I went for it and climbed to the top. The view was amazing. I was expecting police to arrive as soon as got there. To my surprise nothing like that happened and I was there the with my tripod taking pictures of a beautiful sunrise and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Compare to 56/365 Sittard – St. Peter’s Church At Sunrise I wanted to have a shot with the Sun above the trees so I did a short time lapse and then later pulled up one frame out of the sequence. It was great to see the sunrise from a different perspective.

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