67/365 Keutelbeek Sittard

67 Keutelbeek Sittard

Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/29, 6 sec, Raw

keutelbeek sittard

For me one of the finest place to take photographs is around Keutelbeek Sittard. Especially great at the beginning of the stream and around sunrise and sunset time. With Sunrise you have the Sun rising from above the buildings opposite side of the lake penetrating through the trees, reflecting the colors of the water. I found a great spot at the north west side of the Keutelbeek junction deeper in Stadspark as you can see here 50/365 City Stream Covered In Ice

At a good sunset the whole place becomes an array of bright colors merged together, ranging from dark orange to red. It’s beautiful to sit back and just watch the beautiful light fading. One of my favorite day¬†52/365 Ophoven Molen At Sunset

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