My name is Libor Bednarik. I’m a self taught photographer, time lapse cinematographer, filmmaker.

My passion for photography truly ignited when I was in New Zealand in 2008. I was introduced to Trey Ratcliff’s work and his courses, that literally opened the creative side in me and gave me the insight in the world of photography. I was captivated and inspired and since then, my love for photography has grown exponentially.

The privilege and challenge of capturing nature’s beauty and sharing it through my camera lens is incredibly rewarding. To me, photography means endless possibilities, freedom, fun and satisfaction.

My dream/goal is to travel the world and capture our planet’s beauty in a way that will motivate, engage and tell story that challenges you to view the world from another perspective.


I started to capture each passing day of my life and challenge myself to post one photo each day for the upcoming 365 days. More importantly I want to show everyone that Sittard is in fact a beautiful place that deserves to be known around the world!

The second reason why I started this project was to build a strong community of people interested in this city, meet new friends and eventually build my portfolio. I won’t pretend it was easy, but with your support and engagement through likening, sharing and commenting on this project, I feel like it is possible to capture and reflect on the quality of this city!



It is inspiring to interact with you and knowing that someone cares is great! It makes me to continuously take action and take the best pictures possible. I think here in Sittard are endless opportunities to document the magnificence of this city and bring light to places that share a lot of history and sights worth to see.

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