Time To Have Fun

This morning I was in the Ligne Library working on my photography project for one advertising company in Amsterdam.

They sent me an email asking if I can shoot ten photos of Sittard-Geleen and capture the historic sights.

I have a pretty descent archive of photos from Sittard-Geleen, so I knew that this is going to be a piece of cake.

And it was…

I’ve done my research, asked few questions and based on that I picked ten photos pretty quickly.

I sent them the license agreement and was on my way to do my own things.

MTB bike trip to Belgium and then overnight stay in Monshau.


What can be better than that…

Enjoy life, my friend…


Libor Bednarik

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Limbricht Castle And The Reflection Of The Frozen Lake

Few months ago I saw few intereting photos online that motivated me to go out and shoot reflections.

It was freezing outside so the first idea for a good photo that popped into my mind was the castle in Limbricht close to Sittard.

When I got there the lake around was frozen solid which reflected the castle beautifully.

As you can see from the photo, I was there early in the morning when the sky was clear.

Very important when you shoot reflections. The light is reflecting much better when the Sun is still low.


Taking the photo is one thing but to make the reflection stand out and bring the colors to life is another thing.

I was shooting in manual mode and RAW. Don’t even know why I’m bringing this up. It makes sense that if you want your photos look better you must shoot in RAW.


The magic always happens in Lightroom and then in Photoshop. That’s where you can bring the colors, select certain parts of the photo and boost that up.

Exactly what I did in this photo. I selected the water and played with the exposure to make it stand out a little.

If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry. There is an amazing traning called the “Lightroom Mastery” where I believe (but don’t quote me on that) in lesson 9 or 10 Ben talls about the selection and how to use them. Pretty awesome stuff.

So there is no excuse for you to not be able to turn any photo into stunning image.

In fact, when you done with the training I believe you can make any photo look amazing…

If you think it’s something you would be interested about here it is…


All the best…

Libor Bednarik

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud

A week ago, I have subscribed to a list of interesting quotes and the first quote I have received in my email is this one…

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.
Maya Angelou – 1928-2014, Poet and Author

Isn’t that what we all should do?

Make people happy with photos you take, words you say, or with anything.

There is probably someone who’s misarable and need a bit of uplift.

I hope this photo above I took on Kollenberg will make your day a little better.

Have a great day…

Libor Bednarik

P.S. Imagine if you could take panorama photos like the one above… There is an easy way to do that using “Photo Merge” in Lightroom. Just few clicks and BOOM you’re done…

But to further edit the panorama is another story… You need to understand few other things as well to make the panorama look AWESOME…


I won’t go into the details because that’s what Ben Willmore teaches in his stunning Lightroom Mastery training…


If you get this training I’ll give you my new set of Lightroom presets for FREE… I use them myself. They were designed to quickly boost your photos and set the mood which you can of course change it.

In fact, you can make your photos look warmer or colder, that’s up to you.

It’s all about speed… And these presets are one click solution to make your photos stand out.

Just send me a receipt and I’ll send you an email with a link where you can download them.


Sittard-Geleen Train Station…Twilight Photography

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
— Karl Lagerfeld


Well said!

I took this moment long ater the Sun was gone. I was standing on the edge o the roof near the train station in Sittard and was glad to have such beautiful evening.

If you’re wondering how you can quickly enhance your photos and make them alive, then check this training…


All the best…

Libor Bednarik

Perfect conditions doesn’t mean perfect photos

Yesterday I’ve stumbled on an interesting article from a landscape photographer who was describing what it’s like to be outdoors shooting.

Here is what he said… (taken directly from the article)

“The wind in your hair, a camera slung over your shoulder and a great location in mind: nothing beats getting out into the great outdoors to shoot landscapes”

And he’s right…

Nothing beats that… especially if the conditions are perfect and you get some interesting light, clouds, fog, beautiful scenery, mountains, etc… and your batery is fully charged, you have your tripod and filters with you. Backpack stuffed with food and water and nothing is missing.

Ever experienced situatuion like that? Me multipple times.

In fact, just recently when I was in the Czech Republic in the mountains of the north east, I had perfect conditions and was glad that it stayed like that the whole day because the photos I took that evening and after the sunset were some of my favorite I’ve ever shot!


What boggles my mind is when I hear stories from other photographers that describe perfect conditions for shooting but the photos don’t really show for it.

In fact, the opposite being the truth…

I’ve seen photos that looked so dull that one would fall asleep while looking at them. Others being over sharpen to death. Some underexposed (which can easily be spotted in the shadows) and some even had wierd artifacts in them. And some looked like the photographer was color blinded with the white balance being out of whack!


The perfect conditions won’t do a shit if you don’t know how to use your gear properly…

The same applies to post-processing. If you’ve been convinced that switching to RAW will give you better quality photos, then I want you to wake up from this illusion and start paying a close attention to post-processing.

Why? Because post-processing if done right, can take your photos to another level and make other photographers wonder how the hell did you do that…

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of terrible photos that literally had no life in them, but I’ve also seen a lot of good ones.

And some were so good that I would never get sick of them even if I look at them every day.

Comparing them to the actual RAW file, you’ll be blown away what you can achieve in Lightroom and how easily you can turn average photo into a master piece.

There is a great saying that goes like this…

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it. – Ansel Adams”

And with some of the skills you’re about to learn you can go far beyond what you thought was possible and shock not only yourself but friends and familly and other photographers will start following you.


If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that I’m super excited about one partucular training that was created by the only Ben Willmore called “Lightroom Mastery” which in my opinion is the best Lightroom post-processing training you can get your hands on and start using the techniques almost immediatelly.

It’s that good…

In fact, what you get is 30 lessons packed with golden nuggets that will transform your workflow forever. His worflow made so much difference in my post-processing that I’ve changed just about everything, including how I name my photos and back them up.

He is also big on file managment which was a life saver when I started working with clients and shooting tons of photos and I need to find particual photo.

With my old workflow I would be still to this day lost in the desert.


This email is getting too long so I better finish it up with saying this..

You better know how to post-process your RAW files if you ever want your photos look great.

It’s simple as that…

The “Lightroom Mastery” will get you going fast.

Here is how you get it.


All the best,

Libor Bednarik.

Seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph

“ Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph. – Matt Hardy

Saw this quote while srolling through my Facebook newsfeed.

It’s so true…

And it makes perfect sense…


If you want to know what happens when you apply certain techniques to your workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop, then get this training below…

…especially if your workflow is out of whack!


All the best…

Libor Bednarik

How to Shoot Great Twilight Shots

Few days ago I was surfing the internet and found this great article talking about how to shoot great twilight shots.

I’m a big fan twilight photos just simply because it’s the time when the light gets interesting.

Here it is…

If after reading this article you still have hard time to shoot great photos at twilight, then go back and read it again until the information gets under your skin, into your blood and then into your brain.

Important note…

You’ll still need to post-proccess your twilight photos no matter what… especially if you shoot RAW.

There are specific tricks you can use to make your photos shiny.

You’ll have to learn how to adjust few things like…

Exposure, Clarity, While balance, color, etc…

Not to mention cropping your photos, getting rid of noise and sharpen your photos just right so that they don’t end up with wierd artifacts.

I could go into details here and take half of your day just explaining certain techniques I use to sharpen my images, but I won’t do that because I’m not an instructor, teacher or whatever…

I can’t be bothered… Instead I would rather spend time outdoors shooting new photos…

I leave that to professionals who taught for years like Ben Willmore who has been a professional Photoshop instructor for over 10 years. Taught his best tricks to more than million people, etc…

You get the idea…


He’s got this amazing training I mentioned in my previous emails called “Lightroom Mastery” and as the name suggest, you can become master Lightroom user in just 30 video lessons.

It’s not complicated at all… Once you set up your Lightroom using certain presets, it becomes super easy.

You’ll speed up your post-processing at least by half, so no more wasted time sitting behind the computer when you could be outside shooting or doing something else.

I think you’ll love the automation process… One click and you get 75% of the photos done.

I can now polish my photos in less than 5 minutes if I want to… not like few years back when I was guessing, not knowing what the hell was I doing.


If you the kind of person who loves to be challenged and love to learn new things, then this training is something you’ll love…



Libor Bednarik

Without pain there is no gain!

On my recent photo trip to the mountains of the Czech Republic, I almost broke my ankle while hiking up the hill.

I stepped on a loose rock and twisted my ankle. Nothing major just painfull as hell when I step on it.

So I sat down for a while thinking how much pain in the ass this situation was.

For a while I was swearing around and probably scared off few animals running in the forest.

But then, I started thinking that this could happen to anyone and it’s part of what I do.

It makes sense that if you spend time in the mountains chasing sunrises and sunsets all day long that things like that could happen.

Luckily, it wasn’t broken just a bit red around.

The pain was still there, but I decided to keep pushing through it until I didn’t feel it anymore. Only when I stopped. Then the pain came back so I made sure to keep going.

And so, as I’m walking it reminded me about one thing I heard from Chris Burkard when he said something very profound…

“Anything worth that is pursuing is going to require us to suffer, just a little bit”

Here is the thing…

The pain will eventually disappear but the gain from the experience that you go through and the photos you take will stay with you forever.

This in my opinion makes so much sense.

Think about it. There isn’t any sport where you wouldn’t feel pain as you trying to progress.

The same is in photography. if you don’t feel pain right now, then there is something you’re doing wrong. You’re not pushing yourself enough.

I could have turned around and give up. Let the pain control me. Stop me from going further.

But I didn’t and because of that I was able to bring home great photographs.

And witness stunning sunset with the Sun setting between two mountain peaks and the clouds turning red. Trully breathtaking scene! (I’ll share the photos with you later)

The pain passed completelly and I stood there, enjoying the moment.

Something the girlie men will never get to see.


Because they quit at the first sign of pain.

So if there is any pain, push through it, don’t give up.

You’ll be rewarded.


Libor Bednarik

P.S. For more understanding get the “The Outdoor Experience” course made by Chris Burkard. Well worth the money

Here is how you get it.


5 quick messages to set you on the right path

There are so many great motivational messages floating on the internet.

Some of them have helped me when I didn’t feel like picking up my camera.

Check them out…

They’ll get you back on your feet.

“It’s Not Whether You Get Knocked Down, It’s Whether You Get Up.”- Vince Lombardi

Do you feel the power in it?

Amazing, right?

Here is a second one that had an impact on me.

“If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.”- Steve Jobs

So true!

When I read it for the first time I was in Austria on a short trip shooting photos of the mountains. The area was so beautiful that I was pulled in…

Another master piece is the one below.

“People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World, Are The Ones Who Do.”- Rob Siltanen

I have it on my wall, right in front of me so that I can look at it everyday. I love it.

Another very powerfull message I found few yers ago was when I was struggling to keep up with the “good work” as many would say. I was in the middle of my 365 days photography project when it hit me and I wanted to give up.

“Failure Will Never Overtake Me If My Determination To Succeed Is Strong Enough.”- Og Mandino

It steared my thoughts to another direction and I kept going with the project.

And the last, probably the most important message is the following…

“Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them.” –Anonymous

This is so powerful that it gives me goosebump when I read it.


These messages are there for a reason! Read them everyday and I promise you, you perspective will change.

It’s simple as that…


Libor Bednarik

P.S. There is one photographer I admire for his work but more importantly for his ability to push me out of my confort zone.

His name is Chris Burchard and with his recent training on CreativeLife the “The Outdoor Experience“, he proves that there is much deeper meaning behind every little action, trip, story and photo we take.

If fact, he is a real example of what happens when you go outside of your confort zone.

In his training he talks about how important this is and many other things that makes us who we are as photographers and why are we taking photos in the first place.


If you want to check it out, here it is…


Get this and there is no chance you’ll ever shoot bad photos

If you get this…


… there is no chance of you shooting bad photos. Even if you had a bad day, you’ll have an understanding of the fundementals in photography.

In fact, you’ll understand the following…

– You’ll know what exposure to choose in certain situations.

– You’ll know how to easily spot compositions that most photographers don’t see.

– You’ll know why shooting at higher ISO isn’t as bad as you previously thought…

– You’ll get to know the one secret that almost no one talks about but is the key to shooting better images. And don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner it’s easy to get the grip on it.

– You’ll get to know your DSLR better than you know your own shoes and which lens should you use in landscape photography.

and that’s not everything.

In fact, there is way more.

For example…

– How to avoid these 5 horrible mistakes that almost every landscape photographer make.

– The single biggest secret landscape photographers use everyday to make their images look so good and how exactly their worflow looks like.

– You’ll see real examples of different settings used in different situations.

– You’ll know how to shoot long exposures or stars. And how to prepare your self for the unexpected.

– 7 things you should know if you want to freeze the action.

…and ton more.

This training is without the doubt one of those I wish I found earlier.


If you’re interested I highly recommend it.

Here it is…



Libor Bednarik.

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