Bergerhof From Inside – Panorama

Bergerhof From Inside – Panorama

Bergerhof From Inside – Panorama…Coming back from Stadspark I decided to change my usual way home and go another way. As I went along the street I found this complex called Bergerhof. I got excited just for the reason of having something new to photograph and also I like to investigate new places.

I walked in, mapped the whole place and took this panorama. Looking at it now I would choose a different angle and maybe even another corner to photograph this place. At the time I tried to hurry up before a security guy would ask me to leave.

This panorama is combined from 10 photos and stitched together in Lightroom and edited further in Photoshop. Over the time I have developed my unique Lightroom presets, so if there is anyone interested in using them, please let me know.

If you like this image and would like to have a print version or get a commercial licence, please Contact Me.

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