Forum Cinema Sittard-Geleen

Forum Cinema Sittard-Geleen

Forum Cinema Sittard-Geleen

Forum Cinema Sittard-Geleen. It’s 4:30am and I’m heading out to take photos from the Forum Cinema in Sittard. The sky is clear and it’s still dark. As I’m walking down the street I see no one outside. The streets are empty like I have never seen before. I could walk in the middle of the road and be fine. I set up the tripod, it’s just before sunrise. My camera is set for long exposure shot and I fire. I took 5 photos at different exposures. It takes minutes before I see a car approaching. Little that I know that it was a police car. I ignore it and I continue shooting in the middle of the street. Few seconds later the car stops and I surrounded by 3 police officers.

I explain my situation and they let me go with warning that I shouldn’t be on the road. I take their advice and continue to the city center where I managed to take few other photos which I will share with you later.

This short story is just a memory I have from the day I was taking photos of the Forum Cinema in Sittard. Great morning with some action involved,,,

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