Frequently Asked Questions Answered! 

Being here tells me that there is either something terribly wrong or you have some questions want them to be answered. 

Whatever it is, you came to the right place. 

Below is a list of the most common questions I've been asked multiple times over the years. 

Perhaps they'll help you.  

Starting with general questions. 

- What is the best way to get hold of you? 

Well, you can simply go here and contact me through email or my Facebook page. That's where i hang out the most. ​

If you send me a message on Facebook I should be able to get back to you within 12-24 hours. If not I'm on a photography mission and not sure when I'll be back. 

- Is it possible to order a print on your website? 

Not directly on my website but if you go to my Pixieset Print Store you can pretty much order any of my photos.

They come in different sizes and the quality of the paper is among the best - printed on museum quality paper. And if your heart desire you can get canvas as well. 

- How long it takes to receive the print?

Usually around 2-3 working days but few times, I've got an email from customers telling me that they received the print the following day. I guess it all depends how busy the printing company is. 

- Do the prints come with frames? 

No, they don't. Everyone has a different taste. I decided to not bother with it. 

- How much is the delivery? 

No more than €5.95 in Netherlands. €9.95 in the rest of EU. €19.95 internationally. 

- Can I purchase canvas prints? 

Yes. As I have mentioned above you can have any of my photos printed on canvas if that's what you desire.

Just go here, and pick photos you like, then click on the link "buy now" and choose your size. 

- Have you got second photographer? 

No... What you see on my website and on my blog are 100% my own images.  

But that doesn't mean I don't like company. It In fact, the more people around the more fun it is to take photos. Unless I need some time to rejuvenate, I love company. 

- Do you edit your photographs? 

Yes I do. In fact, over the years I've learned few amazing techniques to make my photos look better... and I think without knowing them my photographs wouldn't have that distinctive look as they have right now.

You can become great photographer, knowing your camera settings, compositions, light and everything there is to photography, but if you don't know how to process your images, then you really missing out. 

Here are some of the tools I use...

Soon This Page Will Be Completed. For now you can visit my blog.

Early morning close to Vlissingen, Netherlands.