Mariapark Sittard

Mariapark Sittard

Mariapark Sittard

Recently I was passing by Mariapark Sittard and decided to have a look on the art. It was just one day before Christmas. I walked in and end up asking one of the guy if he could open the outside door for me so that I could take a photo from one of the secret gardens.

I did a similar photo before and it worked out great but this time I went slightly wider with 16mm lens compare to 19mm which I had with me last year. I wanted to see how much more I can fit into the photograph.

With such a tiny place the only option was to take a panorama. I took 3 rows of photos as you can see below.

Mariapark Sittard Behind The Scene

Taking panorama is quite easy process especially If you have L bracket on your tripod. I don’t have it so I took the photos handheld from left to right and right to the left.

To stitch the photos together I could have done it just by using Lightroom CC but I went the old way in Photoshop for one reason. Even this is a longer process I found it easier to straighten the photo after the stitching.

Mariapark Sittard Stitching

After I was happy with the straitening of the image I saved the photo and went back to Lightroom CC to continue with the editing.

There is other software I like to use to enhance my photos called Perfect Effects where I usually do the last touches, like sharpening and other adjustments.

Anyways, hope you like this photo…I will be sharing more of the behind the scene in near future so stay tuned…

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