Maas River Morning Fog

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Every year I keep visiting my favorite places along the Maas River.

There is cycling path that goes all the way to Maastricht which I really like.

This morning was super foggy with the Sun barely shining through.

Perfect atmosphere.

I took dozens of photos from along the Maas river and here is one of them.


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All the best…

Libor “the Maas River enthusiast” Bednarik

Limbright Fields At Sunrise

From the archive: February 14. 2017

I took this photo while cycling around Limbright.

Actually I was heading to the local woods for a morning ride on my mountain bike.

I picked this place for it’s¬†leading lines that the rails created.

It was bitterly cold as you can imagine being out in the fields in the middle of February.

There was morning frost on the ground that added to the photo and the weather was clear.

What you see in the photo is actually a place about 1km behind the Limbricht Castle.

Open fields that stretch into the distance.

Great for sunrise photography!


If photos like this one excites you and you would like to see more of them, then click the link below. It will take you to my photography store where I have displayed more photos from this and other areas around Sittard.

All the best…

Libor “Sittard photographer” Bednarik

This Lucky Shot Makes Me Go Back To Macro Photography

Yesterday I was visiting some of the gardens in Sittard and had my Sony 100mm / 2.8 with me and while I was shooting the flowers this bee flew into my shot.

To be honest I haven’t even seen it right there because it happened so fast.

And it was in the middle of the day when the Sun is too bright. I simply couldn’t see anything on the screen.

Looking through the viewfinder wasn’t an option because of the restricted space I had.


Later, when I scrolled through the photos I saw it.

It got me by surprise.

It was sharp and the bee in focus.

Luckily I had my settings right and could freeze the action.

One of those lucky days I would say…


Keep shooting…

…and have a lot of fun.


Libor Bednarik

Macro Nature Photography – Droplets On A Flower

There isn’t better time to go to the gardens than after the rain… I took my macro lens so that I could bring you closer to the scene…

This flower and hundreds of others will get destroyed by the end of October if we don’t do anything about it… Please sign the petition below:¬†

For more information go to the official Facebook page:

Red De Tuinen – Save Sittard’s Gardens

When was the last time you’ve visited any of the secret gardens in Sittard? If you haven’t for a while then now it’s the time because soon some of them according to the plan of the city hall should get destroyed by the end of the October.

If we don’t do anything about it, then the only time you’ll enjoy these gardens will be from the photos like the one above.

And I’m not even exaggerating…

I wish I was, but I’m not…

This is for real!

If we don’t do anything about it right now, then we can literally say goodbye to these Sittard gardens.

The funny thing is that there isn’t even a solid explanation why it should be taken down.

Right now there are hundreds of flowers feeding over 125 000 bees.

There are local birds about to loose their home.

These gardens hold big population of insects necessary for birds to survive…

Then, you have the historic value of these gardens originating from the second half of the 17th century.

…and way more.

This is just a fraction of the reasons why these gardens should not be destroyed.


If you want to get involved and save these gardens, then click the link below and sign up for the petition.

Also for more info about it, go to the official Facebook page:

All the best…

Libor Bednarik

Stadspark In Sittard Under The Water

This morning I woke and Sittard looked grey.

It was raining like crazy.

What do you suppose to do in such conditions.

Well… there is still a lot you can do.

I went to Stadspark and saw huge paddles everywhere. It seemed like half of the park was under the water.

You could see people struggling to go from one side to the other with dry foot.

There was a girl taking her shoes off and walking across it.

But anyway…

The point is that no matter the weather, you can always come up with ideas for interesting photos.

Like the one I’m sharing with you today… I was standing in the paddle taking photos of people walking by.


Just recently I watched one of the video from Frans Lanting course and he talked about it as well.

Actually what he said was that many professional photographers prefer to shoot in overcast conditions.


Because the light is more settled. The atmosphere is more interesting and it’s just different.

There are of course many reasons why, but I won’t go into the details because that’s what Frans teaches in his “The Art Of Seeing” course he did for CreativeLive.

Want to know why your photos look so dull, uninspiring? Then get his course and you won’t have that problem ever again.

It’s mind blowing how little things can change the course of the final photo.


Here it is…

Gotta go…

All the best…

Libor Bednarik

Sunrise In Stadspark Sittard-Geleen

Sometimes, no matter what you do, it’s difficult to take exciting photograph. That’s the fact.

You can’t pretend that every time you go out shooting it’s easy.

It’s not!

It’s hard, even when the conditions are perfect.

You still need to know your camera. Know about light and have a descent understanding about compositions.

And the better you know it, the better chance you have to shoot beautiful images.

Watch this quick video to learn more about the fundamentals in photography.

It might surprise you how little you know…

Learn something everyday my friend.

Be the best, forget the rest.

Libor Bednarik

P.S. This photo is from Stadspark in Sittard.

I must have been to this park at least 200 times but every time I go something new happens and I have to take a photo.

This time I liked the composition. And the colors as well.


Enjoy it.

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