Why I switched to Sony from Canon

Want to take better landscape images but don’t know how? Then make sure to get your hands on this amazing landscape training that Chris Burkard put together for CreativeLive. Worth every penny, even if you think you know it all. I guarantee you, you don’t. There some amazing insights that will make you realize few key techniques you can start using imediatelly. Anyway… For more details, follow the link.



Hey It’s Libor here…

There is a new documentary film called “Under An Artic Sky” from one of the best travel photographer Chris Burkard. He and his team came up with this amazing trailer which I think you should go watch it.

Chris has been my motivation for many years. He also helped me switch from Canon to Sony system which I’m very pleased with.

I was a proud owner of Canon 60D for many years, but on a trip to Tatra Mountains in Slovakia back in 2014, I wished I had something smaller and lighter.

So, I sold the body, the lenses and just about everything I had from Canon and bought Sony A6000 with few other lenses.

Now it is an old camera but back then I couldn’t believe how something so little can perform so well.

But the biggest factor for me was the size and the weight.

You probably heard the quote before…

“The best camera is the one that you have with you”

And that was exactly the case…

Something I used to hate with Canon. It woudn’t fit into my pocket. And as I have learned many times, the best photos happens when you least expected.


Why am I telling you this?

Because there are so many people who believe that the bigger camera they have the better. Or the more expensive the better. Or the latest the better, etc.

But the reality is that the baddest and the most expensive gear won’t make you great photographer.

Not in a million years.

It just won’t happen…

Forget it…

The only way you become good and then great at something is by practising every day.

And if you don’t carry your gear with you all the time, you’ll not only miss on great shots but also go against yourself.

In fact, recently when I was listening Chris Burkard talking about it in his outdoor experience on CreativeLive he did not long ago, I couldn’t agree more.

He shared great tips and was able to tap into mistakes I was making for years.

Valuable insights that is hard to find these days in a world where everyone is claiming to be an expert.


If you feel like it’s time to step up and learn from mistakes of great photgraphers who went through similar struggles you’re going through right now, and really understand how they approach certain situations, then this training that Chris put together is going to be the most important you’ve ever watched.

Here is where you get it…


All the best…

Libor Bednarik.

Using Sony Xperia Z3 To Test HDR

Would you tell that this photo above is shot with Sony Xperia Z3?

I had this phone for a while now but I’ve never shot any sunrise or sunset images with it.

I had no idea that the dynamic range would be any good on this phone.

But It worked so well…

It’s not the best thing in the world but for a phone, I mean common.

The technology it’s getting better every day.

With a simple phone you can take amazing photos and really have fun with it.

I hope that in the future, Canon and Nikon cameras get replaced by small gadgets which you can easily put into your packet.

Wouldn’t that be great?

No more frozen hands in the winter from carrying heavy equintment.

No more sweaty back from carrying 30kg in the backpack while hiking.

No more missed shots. (This was the reason why I dumbed my Canon camera)

No more feeling exhausted while other friends having fun.

And on and on…

Could tell you dozens of reasons why smaller and lighter is better.

Imagine if there were no gadgets at all and you could just take images using your eyes, which will then get stored in your brain where you could easily process and uploaded them wiresly on your website, Facebook, Instagram at the same time.

That would be fun!


Enjoy the photo…

Libor Bednarik

P.S. Let me ask you something…

What do you know about natural light? Someone just asked me that question recently and It got me thinking. If you don’t know much about it, how can you take great photos.

Ever heard about Frans Lanting? His a professional National Geographic photographer with more than 20 years of experience in the field and in his course “The Art Of Seeing” he talks about different sourses of light, how to use them and which type of light to look for in landscape photography.

Want to take stunning landscapes, then follow the link below…


Even if you decide to pass on this great training, I want you to remember one thing…

It isn’t in your camera, or in your lens, or in your other gear. It’s in you!

Learn every day my friend…

Shoot Landscapes Like A Pro

It’s not your average cup of tea!

Frank has been around for over 25 years.

Few photographers improved their images just by following these two fundamentals.

Including me!

In fact, you’ll be able to spot dozens of new opportunities you weren’t aware of before.

It’s that good!




Libor Bednarik
Sittard’s best photographer

Watch Now! New Time Lapse Film Takes You Deep Into Sittard-Geleen History

For a quick sign up go here: http://sittard365.com/film-question/

What you’ve just watched is a short one minute trailer for my new time lapse film that highlights some of the best places in Sittard-Geleen and around Europe…. and what could easily be your gateway whenever you want to escape the pressure of your daily life.

In fact, this film could easily be your favorite thing you’ll watch this year.

And if that’s the case, there is a big chance you’ll share it with your friends.

I’m telling you… this project, when it’s completed, can be your motto for your future projects.

Heck, it can even change your life…

Who knows…

My friend is still talking about the first part I’ve successfully finished.

Well if nothing… at least it’s going to be fun to watch.

You want to join us and see it completed?

Here is where you go:



Libor “Sittard’s best photographer” Bednarik

The Stupidest Rule I’ve Ever Heard

Did you hear that?

Someone just mentioned that it takes 10 000 photos before you become any good.

What do you think?


I think this is the biggest bull shit ever!

I don’t even know where the number came from because it doesn’t make any sense.

Does that mean you can only become good after you take 10 000 photos?

Looking back, some of my photos from early days are better than the photos I shot recently.

And that’s not becuase I got lazy or whatever. I think It’s because the light or perhaps the athmosphere was much better at the time.

As long as you know how to look for great light and know some basics about composition, you should come home with great images which you can then polish in Lightroom or Photoshop.

It’s that simple.

In fact, people who believe that the reason why they are not good is because they haven’t shot 10 000 photos yet, missing the boat… In fact they’re missing the whole harbour.

You can shoot million photos and still be making the same mistakes as you did when you shot the first one.

It’s not how many photos you take but how much you know…

If you follow some of the greatest, and you did what they do would minimaze your chances to come home empty handed or with photos that suck.

That’s what it is!

Follow the greatest…

Let their knowledge sink in…

And seriously, forget about me, because I have never shot 10 000 photos.

Frans Lanting would be great example to follow.

Look at his images and tell me that they suck and I tell you it wouldn’t matter if you took 10 photos or 10 million because you just don’t have an eye for photography.

Frans is brilliant…

He’s work is outstanding.

In fact, if you went through his training you know what I’m talking about.

He is an amazing story telling master and the exercises are spot on.

But anyway…

Forget about the 10 000 photos… Someone came up with it to bragg and put preasure on others.


Instead, learn from the best and forget the rest.

If I had to start from the beginning I would go for The Art Of Seeing crafted by Frans Lanting…

But hey… that’s my opinnion.

You may not like different hero.


Gotta go…


Libor Bednarik


There is more to it than you think

Few days ago I went to shoot new time lapse video on the Kollenberg but it was too windy so I end it up taking bunch of photos instead.

Which turned out to be a really good idea because I could quickly walk further and have another cloud formation flying accross the sky.

That’s how fast the clouds were approaching.


Today I had a little more time to sit down and actually edit few of those photographs.

One of them you can see above.

I could go on and on about what settings I’ve used and how I put this panorama together and so on, but I won’t do it now.

…and here is why.

I’m working on a mini 3 day course where I’m going to lay down the whole shooting and editing process…

And to get you even more excited about it, here is what will be in it.

– 3 biggest mistakes even pro photographers make while shooting landscape photographs

– The true behind shooting “RAW” and why is necessary preserve as much information as possible when shooting against the Sun.

– How to use this simple setting and achieve sharp images almost every time.

– Learn one of the best composition tricks that will instantly take your photos to the next level.

– The one and only filter that I use and why I wouldn’t change in a million years. (Yes… It’s that great!)

– The sneaky ways professional photographers use to make their images almost perfect right out of the camera.

– Avoid these deadly 4 mistakes before you even start shooting and get the exposure and white levels right 99% of the time.

– The only reason why you should spent more time on your subject and an easy way to think your images through.

– How a simple adjustment in your camera settings could be a difference between your shots being average or blow someone elses head off.

– How to use grid to your advantage.

– How to take dull looking photo and turn it into an image that your audience will love.

– The fastest known way to use this simple Lightroom trick that can help you process your images in seconds.

– Why shooting too many images can work against you and what to do about it.

– The only lens that made me truly happy and why I use it 95% of the time.

– A simple 5 minute exercise for stunning panorama images.

– Two biggest things you must know before you even decide to go for a photoshoot.

– Why most photographers miss out on great photos and what you can do instantly to make your images look 100 times better.


A lot is coming your way…

And that’s just a beginning because i’ll also dive into your questions and hopefully get most of them answered.

If you don’t want to miss it, then get on my notification list. Just click on the link below and sign up. I will then let you know when the guide is done.



All the best,

Libor Bednarik


Orbis Medisch Centrum Sittard-Geleen

I’ve been at the Orbis Medisch Centrum in Sittard-Geleen many times but this was different.

The light was perfect.

It was cold and I remember having real trouble holding my tripod while cycling on my bike.


When I came there I found this beautiful spot.

If you look closely you’ll see a triangle that makes this composition work.

In fact, any well thought objects in the shot, lines, or “S” curves or whatever, will pull you into the photograph without you even noticing.

A good composition should lead you into the photograph and then to certain areas in the photo which should provoke some kind of emotion.


I don’t want to spill all the beans here.

I’ll better do that in my upcoming photography guide…

“An Unconventional Guide To Take Stunning Images”

Which will emerge from the deep ocean soon.

In fact, it should be ready in couple of months.
There is a lot I want to cover, so stuck up your storage room with food and water because this is going to be a long weekend.

As well as covering the details, I want to answer your questions…

If you think it maybe something of interest to you, then get on my notification list…
Just follow the link below



Libor Bednarik

Sittard City Center Lights

Sittard City Center Lights…Beautiful photo of Sittard city center at night. Hope you like it.

If you would like to have a print version or get a commercial licence, please Contact Me, or visit my Print Store.

Or if you are you looking for a specific photo from Sittard-Geleen or surrounding villages like Limbricht, Munstergeleen, or Puth or others you can search through categories on the left side.

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Wentjerdruim Ice Arena

Wentjerdruim Ice Arena…I went to see the ice arena few days ago…The structure is huge! I was missing the wheel from where I took some interesting photos last year, overlooking St. Peters Church…This year the giant greenhouse doesn’t bring as much joy…I like the colors but that’s about it…Here is one photo I took that day…Hope you like it…

If you would like to have a print version or get a commercial licence, please Contact Me, or visit my Print Store.

Or if you are you looking for a specific photo from Sittard-Geleen or surrounding villages like Limbricht, Munstergeleen, or Puth or others you can search through categories on the left side.

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