Red De Tuinen – Save Sittard’s Gardens

Red De Tuinen – Save Sittard’s Gardens

When was the last time you’ve visited any of the secret gardens in Sittard? If you haven’t for a while then now it’s the time because soon some of them according to the plan of the city hall should get destroyed by the end of the October.

If we don’t do anything about it, then the only time you’ll enjoy these gardens will be from the photos like the one above.

And I’m not even exaggerating…

I wish I was, but I’m not…

This is for real!

If we don’t do anything about it right now, then we can literally say goodbye to these Sittard gardens.

The funny thing is that there isn’t even a solid explanation why it should be taken down.

Right now there are hundreds of flowers feeding over 125 000 bees.

There are local birds about to loose their home.

These gardens hold big population of insects necessary for birds to survive…

Then, you have the historic value of these gardens originating from the second half of the 17th century.

…and way more.

This is just a fraction of the reasons why these gardens should not be destroyed.


If you want to get involved and save these gardens, then click the link below and sign up for the petition.

Also for more info about it, go to the official Facebook page:

All the best…

Libor Bednarik

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