Sittard-Geleen – Sittard Garden Panorama Part 2

Sittard-Geleen – Sittard Garden Panorama Part 2

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Few days ago, I’ve visited one of the gardens in Sittard to test new panorama techniques I’ve learned from the “The Art Of Seeing” course.

When he talked about his gear and what he uses to capture the beauty of the nature, I’m getting super excited because that’s what I’m about as well.

Anything heavy I can get rid of and not affect the quality of my images, I’m happy to sell.

I hate caring heavy equipment which I know I’ll use maybe once or twice in the entire trip.

Last year when I was in Slovakia hiking the Tatra Mountains I had everything with me. Full bag of gear which I wasn’t even using.

It hit me big time!

I realized that this is redicilous.

I wanted to trow everything of the cliff but that would spoil the beautiful nature Tatra Mountains are famous for.

So swallowed my stupidity and carried that shit all the way.

And guess who went to sleep early that night instead of to enjoy the beaty and open fire.

I said to myself, never again!

So since then, I’m on the hunt to reduce the weight of my camera bag and everything I didn’t use for the last six months has to go.

And I must say, it feels fresh…

It feels so good now…

I have way more energy and I don’t miss 5 other lenses, second camera body, small tripod, big tipod and other junk…

I now go with a little Sony camera and I have fun.

You know what that feels like? It’s amazing to walk on the beach in the morning backpack free, with a small camera in my hand.


If you think your gear is killing your creative juices, then this course is for you…

You won’t regret it…


Libor Bednarik

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