Maas River Morning Fog

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Every year I keep visiting my favorite places along the Maas River.

There is cycling path that goes all the way to Maastricht which I really like.

This morning was super foggy with the Sun barely shining through.

Perfect atmosphere.

I took dozens of photos from along the Maas river and here is one of them.


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All the best…

Libor “the Maas River enthusiast” Bednarik

25/365 President Kennedysingel Road In Fog

President Kennedysingel Street In Fog

Sony NEX 6, 16-50mm Sony lens
ISO 100, f/8, 5.0 sec, Raw

President Kennedysingel Road In Fog

Fog fascinates me and really stirs my imagination. When you look at an object in a heavy fog It’s no longer harsh on edges and the whole scene becomes soft. You get this amazing shadows and stunning optical effects. It’s beautiful! You should never give up on sightseeing in fog! In fact you should explore this silent beauty of a secret world. In a really heavy fog it feels like being a part of fairy tale.┬áMy first time shooting in fog…Hope you like it…If you do please give it a thumbs up.


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