Using Sony Xperia Z3 To Test HDR

Using Sony Xperia Z3 To Test HDR

Would you tell that this photo above is shot with Sony Xperia Z3?

I had this phone for a while now but I’ve never shot any sunrise or sunset images with it.

I had no idea that the dynamic range would be any good on this phone.

But It worked so well…

It’s not the best thing in the world but for a phone, I mean common.

The technology it’s getting better every day.

With a simple phone you can take amazing photos and really have fun with it.

I hope that in the future, Canon and Nikon cameras get replaced by small gadgets which you can easily put into your packet.

Wouldn’t that be great?

No more frozen hands in the winter from carrying heavy equintment.

No more sweaty back from carrying 30kg in the backpack while hiking.

No more missed shots. (This was the reason why I dumbed my Canon camera)

No more feeling exhausted while other friends having fun.

And on and on…

Could tell you dozens of reasons why smaller and lighter is better.

Imagine if there were no gadgets at all and you could just take images using your eyes, which will then get stored in your brain where you could easily process and uploaded them wiresly on your website, Facebook, Instagram at the same time.

That would be fun!


Enjoy the photo…

Libor Bednarik

P.S. Let me ask you something…

What do you know about natural light? Someone just asked me that question recently and It got me thinking. If you don’t know much about it, how can you take great photos.

Ever heard about Frans Lanting? His a professional National Geographic photographer with more than 20 years of experience in the field and in his course “The Art Of Seeing” he talks about different sourses of light, how to use them and which type of light to look for in landscape photography.

Want to take stunning landscapes, then follow the link below…

Even if you decide to pass on this great training, I want you to remember one thing…

It isn’t in your camera, or in your lens, or in your other gear. It’s in you!

Learn every day my friend…

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