Wintjer Druim Ice Arena

Wintjer Druim Ice Arena

Wintjer Druim Ice Arena…Another beautiful photo I took of the Wintjer Druim Arena…In this photo I think the colors make it super special. When I walked into that Wintjer Druim arena I was looking for a way how to capture it so that these colors will pop and give the viewer profound experience.

First I found composition that worked for me. There was a little podium on which you could stand. I set my tripod and prepare my camera for long exposure shot.

I use remote control for my Sony NEX 6 camera to trigger the shot and to make sure that the camera doesn’t move while the shutter remains open.

This is an HDR shot, meaning I took 3 photos with different exposures and then I blend them together in Lightroom and Photoshop.

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